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sprayed in the air - results for humans:

Problems with Heart - and Breathing System
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- etc.pp.


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Attention - all REPORTS are my personal researches - no guarrantee for correctness - also not in my english, or portuguese - as this is my personal beginning of "brain storming", where I try to understand - and I am open for corrections - and for more informations - and you can use my "researches" for your own informations and to spread it to people. I think, my information cannot be worse - even a mistake, as the chemtrails are anyways.
.. peace, love & vegetables !!

Civil Airlines with chemtrails like:
asyjet , Ryanair , Atlantic , Britishairways, Airfrance , Air Evergreen , United Airlines are just a few ones

Military Airplanes NATO

Please use any useful information, that you can find here, and spread it to your family, friends and to the world
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Rastos Quimicos Portugal / Chemtrail Activism
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Tiago Lopes / Chemtrail Activism Portugal /
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Werner Altnickel - ex Greenpeace - expert Solar Energy/Chemtrails

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SECRET.TV since 2007
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The Eight Major Chemtrail - Types

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Tiago Lopes - Rastos Quimicos Portugal

Bauanleitung für den Elemente-Wirbel

My personal consultant: Pierre Teuber - Germany
Info about "Energie Wirbel" - "Energy Quirl" - "Turbão de energia"

  • Pierre Teuber ein energiewirbler ist eine konstruktion aus 9 ineinander im kreis gestapelten latten/pfosten. dieses konstrukt dient der energiegewinnung aus mutter erde. in der mitte des 9ecks in der mitte, kommt n bergkristall/amethy drunter (informationsgeber quasi). auf dem kristall ist noch eine kupferspule zur verstärkung (je mehr windungen umso besser)

energy quirl 3

SATURDAY 30ty May 2014 I had the pleasure to be able to fone Pierre, as I sent him both fotos 1 + 2, asking for his advice. He suggested to make the cupper spriral more equal - bigger on ground (here granit) and smaller on top - and some stones along the line can reenforce the energy (which I only put on sunday). ..

Bauanleitung für den Elemente-Wirbel

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Global Skywatch

What can you do !


Why am I interessted in Chemtrails / Chemtrail Activist since May 2014 ?

1st Report from June 2014:
I hear airplanes every 10 min on top of my head - spraying things in the sky, that we will breath a few hours later.
I see the lines of the trails - and the strange clouds - which are moving differently than nature and
which are giving other forms than nature -
our sky is closed by a steam net, which is leaving sunlight filtered - it is cold down here
in day not too warm - at night cold, as earth did not warm up as usual
on the other side an effect like "greenhouse" - as plants in garden in May were growing like "hell"
SKY is looking metal blue and not dark blue as usual

19 April 2014 I woke up middle of night with very strong pain in my right eye - feeling very sick of it,
I wook my partner up to tell him I thought I would dye - stood up to write my last wish - next morning I wook up "normally"

since march 2014 I had feeling, to have SOLDY TASTE on my lips
- wondering, if the touth paste was different, if the dentist put me a strange "stuff" in mouth -

end of April I saw an airplane flying very low - like 200m high from Seia towards Oliveira - spraying with 4 lines something very strong - no idea what - so I could not "NOT BELIEVE IT" any longer - as it was real

I researched in internet for chemtrails -
after 2 weeks I found on face Rastos Quimicos Portugal - thank goOd
On my facebook site I made an Album CHEMTRAILS CENTRAL PORTUGAL May 2014
with fotos I took at home, and on my way to work (Oliveira do Hospital and Tábua)

These guys have many informations, finally also to share emotions -
many people in Portugal give report and exchange their fisical reactions
- which is good to know that you are not alone !!
Tiago Lopes - one of the Strong informators here in Portugal
gave me yesterday another link to

Alluminium - Stronium - Barium are metals, which are sprayed for civil and military reason since more than 10 years. These metals in overdose provoce:
.. and many more sicknesses.

All month of May I do sleep my 7h as usual - I do not wake up as normal - easy, fit, ready for the day - I wake up totally tired, heavy body, pain in my throat, pain in my nose - dry nose - feeling that I had smoked 1 or 2 packets of cigarrets last night. ... I do smoke may be 5 cigarrets a day - may be I can stop now. ... lol ..
after shower I have burning eyes

what I heard yesterday in video youtube globalskywatch
Drugs Industry is the second Industry of the world (after oil) as the globalskywatch video expained to me yesterday - I can see the money that is passing here in Portugal - anti depressivas - natural products against depressure - and body pain - etc pp -

Lots of people have these SYMPTOMS - but we do not know where they come from. -
or until now - we do not ask, where they come from .. ??????

Some people can feel and taste the metal in the air - other can´t.
Some people are more aware and sensible of what is passing with their body, others aren´t.
Unfortunately I feel, whilst I am writing this now, that a "non visible" cloud is just setting down here -
doors are open, so metals are also coming into the house

I hear the airplanes in the morning - then I see them - later a cloud is extending steam and slowly coming down.
I do not see the cloud, when it is setting, as I am in it.
It makes the brain stopping for a few seconds, suddendly you can´t think, I forget, what I was thinking and have to force me back to concentration - like sitting under a HIGH TENSION LINE - this is my feeling right now.

I need to write these things down, to make my own picture - to get a professional support from specialists,
and I hope, more people have the courage to accept, this happening in our sky.
Accepting this danger, pointing with your finger up to the sky to an airplaine which is spraying -
pointing up to the Trails - discussing and talking to people, this is your first step to colaborate - to make awareness - to give information - we have to grow consciousness in the population.

The politician we have to inform slowly - most of them do not know anything about this.
They are the "marionetts of industry" -
industry is not interested to inform - the military is part of global industry.

I took Selenium after a conversation with my confidential homoeopath in Germany.
I asked "insider" for Vitamins that I can take. I could not breath any more. Woke up all month with pain in my throat. Sleeping bad. VERY MUCH WORRIED, that oxigene is not oxigene any longer. ..
Searching hours and hours in internet for informations.
I found this "energy vortex = Energiewirbel" with Pierre Teuber - and made some conversation over facebook with him. On friday 29th May afternoon I just tried to get some material together, I bought 2m of cupper tube 12mm - I had a little cristal at home - I took 9 older "canas" reed - from my tomato garden last year.
I thought, I just try to exercise how it could work. : Pierre Teuber Patent !

energy quirl

energy7.7energy quirl 2

this was FRIDAY 29th May 2014 - and I was just feeling very good already, when I was "constructing"
The sky was all blue - and those white alluminium clouds were hanging
everywhere around on the horizont - but not one did pass over our house. ... ??? I was wondering.
(normally they did - and then the temperature would drop inmediately - about 5 to 10 degrees,
.. and cold wind would pass)

energy quirl 5

2nd Report December 2014
After 6 months of "investigation - study - and spending all my free minutes with this "chemical philosophy"
I do understand a few more things.

First I was very ill winter of 2007 - recovered after 1 month - could almost not breath.
Second I had suddendly - and only once a very strong alergy summer of 2008 -
I went to hospital and got antibiotics.
Third my 9 years beloved dog died last summer, 3rd July after an "routine" operation in morning
with high feever in the evening - and I do remember now the HEAT of one of those CHEMTRAIL-DAYS -
over 40 degree in afternoon - same we had summer 2014 -
where I thought people might dye - as there is no oxigene any more. ..

Now - in wintertime - I can see easily the "evening smog" over the superface of planet earth,
almost all people in Portugal heat with wood - and the smoke of our heating cannot escape any more.
A mix of dust from burned wood, together with the chemical dust coming from the sky -
makes a huge number of sick people with breathing problems in Hopitals in Portugal this winter !!

Today I had one ride with my horse in the morning - and a walk with my family in the afternoon.
In those 2 hours I did see at least around 50 airplaines - and I was not really looking up.
Just planes, when you look up on a tree or so. And there was never a moment, I did not see a plane.
But most of the time I saw 2-3 at once - flighing in all directions.
Blue Sky today - and now at night soft clouds "falling down from sky", who will keep the temperature !!
Geoengenheering is nothing but a Industry for Global Warming.
Geoengenheering is not fighting a Global Warming. There is no natural Global Warming in 21st Century.
Only if Geoengenheering is warming up artificially.
Objective is the international military industry behing this - as well as the international drugs industry
(many people take medicine already - or have died of the consequences) !
This I understood during my first investigations.

For now our Energy Vortex is doing a very good job trying to clean air and atmosphere around our farm.
Also we have started to use small "Air Cleaner" in our rooms in the house,
who are doing a natural cleaning of air on water basis.
Just to sleep better, to think better - and to get stronger, for the actual resistence. xx

SUNDAY 1st June 2014
I had some quality time in hangmat - blue sky - hunderets of airplanes spraying in the sky -
suddendly I saw a chemtrail coming over our house - I ran to get some stones to prolong the line of the spiral.
Usually when I observed these chemtrails, they would slowly come down to earth - and down to our house - and vegetable garden - and to the animals,
as my foto album on face (see below) is showing very well.

This chemtrail was hanging a while over the house, may be 10 m or less high - and did not come down any more, just continued to move toward east - direction energy vortex.
Incredible - I had time to observe - chemtrail was over the vegetable garden - and then over the energy quirl - and was getting like a round hole in the middle. see fotos.
ct1 - ct2 - ct3 - ct4

I would not believe this, if I had not seen this - these fotos were taken in may be 15 min in the line, movement from 1st to 4th foto, ca. 50 m.
fotos all from the same spot. The chemtrail did not come down - as usual! It seems he was opened and carried away.

Few days later I have the feeling, that there is a "cloud of oxigene" around our house - vegetable garden - about 200m diameter, I feel the difference.
Sometimes there is more wind - I wonder, if the "energy vortex" is active then, to send chemtrails away.
TASTE, I have almost no alluminium taste any longer in my mouth - (which I noted 1st time in March 2014, innocent, what it was)
TEMPERATURE feeling was much better already Saturday (2nd day) - not any longer this freezing, scary cold wind around sunset time
ANIMALS were reacting very happy, playing and did not want to leave the paddock of horse any longer, where the energy quirl is situated
SMELL, I have the feeling, I do smell oxigene again, and I dare to breath deep again, which I avoided the last weeks. ..
Thank you Pierre, I can recommend your "energiewirbel" very much - and the conversations with you were very much helpful as well.
I hope, that the good energy you mentioned is growing every day - and I am very curious, how me - and other people can optimize
our "Personal Clouds of Oxigene". I feel strengh again - Re-Connection to Earth and Cosmos -
full power to STOP CHEMTRAILS !!
3rd June 2014

Fotos 02. May 2014 when I finally started to see, to smell and to hear - "the difference" at our sky !!
2.5.14-2 - 2.5.14-3 - 2.5.14-4

19. May 2014
Weather Forecast - Rain & Thunder
white clouds coming from south west - fotos towards Caramulo // black clouds coming from south east - fotos towards Serra Estrela - dir. Gouveia
13.H30 2 small explosions - like 2 gas bottles - this was a thunder - after that soft rain falling down
more Fotos about May 2014 at my home, village and towns around under


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