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We manage and support you in everything you need
to purchase or to construct on your property!

Office and consultation fees only15€/hour !!
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"The Nature is our house !"

Oliveira do Hospital - Seia - Carregal do Sal - Tábua

Research on your property for Planning Permissions
Arrangements of Paperwork - Survey on Houses

All organization in colaboration with local Professionals (Architects, Lawyers, Constructors, Council, Notary)
Restoration of Historical Farm Houses into modern standard, all construction and installations certified !!
We arrange for you Planning Permission / Legalisation of Paperwork / Registery of existing houses/
Quinta cleaning, gardening and maintainance.

We guarantee a good price for good quality and do not accept any comissions.

We speak english, on parle français, hablamos español, wir sprechen deutsch, falamos português !!


GOOGLE: PROPERTYCONSULTING PORTUGAL Oliveira do Hospital, Seia, Carregal do Sal, Tábua Please see here some examples about our work. We give you some ideas, how you could use our services.
We would like to encourage you to make part and to maintain some of the portuguese history.

Restoration of Living Houses

of the traditional portuguese stile
Villas of the beginning of 1900
in Oliveira do Hospital for owners from Norway

Organisation and Survey
of Restoration and Reconstruction

with Certified Constructor
Modern Electric, Gas, Water and Central Heating


WARM WATER SYSTEM over Central Heating
as well as over SUN COLECTOR (included in system)

LEGALISATION of the projects in the Council

Hot Water/ combination Solar Energy

/ combination Floor Heating


RESTORED in 2013

Recommendation January 2014

Hello, super! Like I said - please feel free to name me as a reference any time.
"We have had the pleasure of enjoying Conny's expertise and enthusiasm in the purchasing and restoration of an old house. We met her by accident at the viewing, and quickly decided to work with her as our project manager on the daunting restoration. She recommended quality people who did quality work and kept their promises both practically, and in terms of time and budget. She also followed up the whole process when we could not ourselves be present in Portugal - over a period of 7 months, and kept us up to date on the progress via e-mails and photographs - sometimes as often as weekly. She and the craftsmen she recommended were creative and gave good advice as well as suggested some lovely solutions to various aspects of the restoration.

Without Conny, we would probably not have dared to embark on such a big restoration,
and without her we would definitely not have the great result we now have.
We give her our warmest recommendations. Franzisca Aarflot and Niels A W Jensen."

for english owner, Carregal do Sal

Translation Services
Organisation and Colaboration
with Architects, Lawyer, Council
and certified Constructor
Time of Construction 2010-2011
Planning Approval of Licence received in Jan. 2012.

In 2017 services are still active,
now land shaping, plantation of pine trees,
yeary survey and cleaning of quinta, ...


Restauration of old stone ruin to cottage-home (barn),
into 2 bedroom habitation house

Quinta of ca. 3HA

cleaning services every year.

Ruin / Barn - transformed into a Habitation House
Duration of whole Prozess 2 years

l.k.1 - l.k.2

Conny Kadia Reference (contact via
I thoroughly recommend Conny Kadia as a translator, project manager, organiser and problem-solver.

She brought language skills, local expertise and relationship-building to our rebuild project,
seeing it through from a small ruin in a highly-restricted Natural Park to a lovely house.

Conny's brought in architects and builders to design and rebuild our ruin to twice its original size.
As our confidence in her grew, we entrusted decision-making and payment-settling to her without regrets.

Events where her relationships with the local camera officials and her expertise proved vital were:
1. Obtaining permission for a doubling of the building size, through her ability to maintain friendly relationships
with local officials and initiate detailed discussions about applicable laws, possibilities and designs.
2. Ensuring that a replacement builder was found and contracting to complete the work when the
original builder had to drop out mid-project for entirely separate reasons.
Conny was able to use her local relationships to track down a friendly builder with a similar approach,
re-arrange the planning permissions (builder-dependent in Portugal) and re-start work.

Having lived here for two decades - starting on her own quinta - Conny brings an insider's knowledge
of the local terrain, of different ways of using it, and who to approach to achieve ideal outcomes.
Her personal characteristics - proactivity, patience, and great local language skills -
are all key skills that help her manage projects through to successful completion.

Conny continues to work for us at this high level of trust.
For these reasons, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a facilitator with the above skillset.
I'm also happy to answer any questions by prospective customers.

Lee Kimber, September 2012



Translation Services
for german owners near Tábua

Restoration of old granit Stone Houses

casa de ferias peter sus

Legalisation of paperwork and planning permission
Habitation Licence, finished in 2013

In 2017 services are still active
Yearly maintainance like finances
and any other needs


p.s.2 > p.s.1
p.s.4 > p.s.3


Glenn & Stephanie Mackey, January 2013

Arrangements for Habitation Licence
Time 9 months,
Property has been sold in Nov 2012


Other Recommendation - Glenn Mackey

We came across Conny via Sophie at Pure Portugal as we had a small but fully refurbished house that did not have a habitation license, our request was to clear up the burocratic issues to enable us to sell the house, not having the habitation license meant it was impossible to sell legally. Meeting Conny for the first time was like a breath of fresh air; Conny instantly recognised our issues; laid out a plan and time line and stated she would fix all the issues no other so called help could fix, wow!  Conny true to her word proceeded to tackle them in a very efficient manner, updates followed on exactly what she had achieved, if she needed anything we supplied it to maintain momentum, this was very “Un-Portuguese”  as things were getting done something we had not experienced in a long time.  Conny proceeded to uncover the rights and wrongs with our property and through shear determination and persistence not helped by our architects’’ pursued every local council department and changed to constant no’s into yes’s; and finally true to her word were presented with a habitation license.  We would recommend Conny to anyone who has similar issues with property in Portugal as her work ethic is unfaltering and professional with a clear mandate to complete the task requested.


The Nature is our house !
respect - development - interaction of cultures .. ck