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luna anta 2016
Luna - Anta Archainha - 2016

luna quina 2007
Luna & Quina - 2007 - "In silence of nature" MCT 2006/2020

equus luna fluss
Luna, on the Rio Mondego river, Quinta Mondega, 2004

“In the moment, when people understand the communication of the animal - and gets involved, they are playing with each other - and not fighting.
This non-violent way of handling with horses will be a
Revolution for the entire animal world - and thus the people´s world.

“We should never oblige a horse to trust in us.
Trust is something earned and not demanded.”

Monty Roberts
Born in 1935 in USA.


"In Silcence of Nature"

Background & History

To live with animals and to learn from them is an absolute reliance.
"And still sometimes we do not know, why something is running differently
than we were expecting."
cke 2006

I attribute my initiation into "natural horsemanship" to Monty Roberts, whose book ‘From my hand to yours’ I found by accident in a German library a few months before I had the pleasure to welcome my first mare Luna, already with 11 years of age. Without any knowledge I read chapter for chapter,
then page for page, then phrase for phrase.

I will call this: "Natural Horsewomenship",
or more simply: "Equus, the language of horses".

At the Portuguese Lusitano stable "Quinta do Pombal", I met Catarina Andrade, master of equestrian arts. I feel that I owe her very much. She gave me lessons in traditional riding and I had the pleasure in helping for a short time in working and lunging young horses. There, I could really experience
"The language of horses" as described in this book.

In 2006 my friend Sophie came up with the idea of organizing a Natural Horsemanship Workshop on my farm! A double dream!
We also had the great fortune that a Monty Roberts Instructor,
Anna Kerchoff de Sacchi, had settled in Southern Portugal with her family!!
In May 2006 I started MONDEQUUS© with the realization of the first Workshop "Equus - The Language of Horses".
We made friends and connection - forever.

In May 2020 I made very profound reflections about humanity:

Witnessing that "human evolution" appeared to have lost its balance,
that main stream science was overrun with illogical facts and heavily invested interests and that people were falling into an overwhelming vacuum
concerning our inner values of ethics, honesty, of love, self-confidence,
and trust in our true thoughts, reflection, and our true needs.
We people need to live in a tribe, and together with nature.
It is not possible to separate us from our roots!
Observing a change to a "new values of truth", I felt the deep necessity
to re-initiate Mondequus© Connection Training MCT in 2020
- for Nature, Animals and People.
I felt this need for myself, personally,
and would like to invite you, who like to join:

"Refresh your Instincts - Remember your Instincts". Welcome.



Monty Roberts - The Man who listens to horses

Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi - The horse as your mirror
Monty Roberts Instructor & Horse Coach


"Movement is Healing / Movimento é Cura" MCT 2006/2020

Photo session with José Maria Pimentel, Coja/Aveiro - Portugal, June 2006
Luna & Conny - Roundpen - Quinta Mondega/Tábua

"Trust is, feeling yourself comfortable" MCT 2020 / "Confiança é, sentir-se comfortavel"

Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi, Natural Horsemanship Instructor by Monty Roberts, Cavalo Coach,
Workshop Join-Up, 27/28 May 2006, Quinta Mondega, Tábua, Portugal.
Thanks to Sophie for the organization: www.pureportugal.co.uk

Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi with Lola -- Lola, Esta & Anna

Join Up Sophie and Ayla

Dually-Halter Training Sophie & Ayla / Jorge & Luna

Alex & Lola Join Up

Join up Esta e Lola

Follow Up Vicky & Daan, Foto 3: Esta & Lola, double-longe

Conny & Luna

Participants at the Roundpen and in the guesthouse at lunch break - more fotos:


August 2007 Conny, Luna, Filou, Isabel, Quina, Figo
Together with my niece we found on a trail ride these 2 puppies, abondened from their mother in the middle of nowhere in the woods.
We took them home and found 2 good houses for them.

"Pure Nature, forget about everything, just feel and leave the instincts floating. Distance becomes near, we are united."


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copyright cke 2006

ck 2009ck2011mini

“Live your dreams” MTC 2020 / ".. vive os teus sonhos .."

"Good bye session at Quinta Mondega, September 2009, Conny, Luna, Sophie, Sina, Mini & the gang

ck luna 1 09
ck mini
pureportugal trekkingpacato olho
Prehistoric Circuit Trekking, Carregal do Sal, 2009, Sophie, Andy, Helen, Rui, Conny & animals
pacatoesta quina chayenne 2009
Pacato -- -- -- Esta, with Quina and Chayenne in their new home at the Algarve http://casasnovasdepalmeira.com/en!!